Life is hard.

There is no magical formula, breathing technique, or mindset shift that makes life NOT hard. For the most part, you cannot control what gets thrown at you in this life. 

You can control your reaction.

at lifeiq Coaching, we recognize that the first step to living a life that aligns with your true self is learning to shift your mindset to one that allows learning, growth, and emotional balance.


we not only show you how to do the internal work you need to heal your past self, we encourage and guide you through the process. we don't rely on buzzwords like "manifestation" or "affirmation" and we also don't ignore "negative" emotions. We encourage you to share every aspect of your mental being, and then show you the steps to take to live a more fulfilled life, only chasing success as it is defined by you.


we promise to offer you a space free from judgment. a space where you can be yourself. and most importantly, a space where you can get the support you need to start living the life you want.


Crystal & Kelsea. 

Photo of garden with doorway and LifeIQ Coaching logo with the text saying "step into your purpose".