Go For Your Dreams

Published on 3 January 2022 at 09:00

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As kids, we’re told that we can be and do anything we want to. How many of us wanted to be astronauts or doctors? 


Somewhere along the way, we were taught how to settle. We settle for a steady paycheck, or because something might be too hard. Or, simply because we tried and we failed. 


What if we could still have that “be anything you want” mentality? If you, as an adult, believed in yourself as much as younger you did, wouldn’t you be more willing to try? Too often we’re afraid of failure, and this is what keeps us from going for our dreams.


Oscar Wilde said “to live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” Most of us wake up, do our daily routine over and over and over again. Some are happy with that, most of us yearn for more. 


Today, we’re going to cover two important points and hopefully reignite that spark for you!


What are the benefits of going for your dreams?


First, they add more to your life. You’ll feel happier when you start living for your own purpose and not just for a paycheck. To not dream is to not be, and you are worth so much more than that. Following your dreams gives you purpose, and a reason to get up and try again the next day. 


Second reason, it allows you the opportunity to prove others wrong. How many times have you been told by your friends and family that something is just “not doable”? You CAN achieve whatever it is you want, within reason of course. Want to start that business? Do it. Will you fail at numerous things over and over again? Yes, but that brings us to our third benefit. 


Following your dreams builds your character. You learn how to handle rejection, how to handle failure and setbacks. You become a message to others to live your passions and become your own person. 


That’s all great, plenty of benefits. But, how can we follow our dreams? 


Three. Simple. Steps. 


Step one: What is your dream? What do you want your legacy to be? What would fill you with happiness every single day? Write it down. 


Step Two: Think hard about the steps you would need to start doing this. For example, if you wanted to start a small business selling candles it could look like this:

  • Research how to make candles
  • Buy the supplies and make 5 candles
  • Tell friends & family about these candles, why they are special (they have crystals inside of them or burn slower than the average household candle for example).
  • Advertise yourself, create a marketing plan etc.

This is just a simple example, but what is the very first thing you need to do in order to be closer to living your dreams?


Step Three: Continue the process. Learn new things about your dream every day and prioritize what you have to do. Visualize the end result. What does your small candle business look like in 6 months? A year? Focus on the bigger picture while you continue to put the small puzzle pieces together. 


All of our programs at LifeIQ Coaching are designed to help you start living a more fuller, complete life for yourself. We help you evaluate where you are in life now and where you want to be and then develop a plan to get you there. We use a multi-step process and provide direction, support and continuous encouragement. Take our free assessment today and discover your path to fulfillment with LifeIQ Coaching by your side!


What are your dreams? Share them with us in the comments below!

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