Use Sundays For Better Mondays

Published on 11 October 2021 at 09:00

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Sunday. The day you mourn the weekend until Friday, get ready to sail through a busy week, and start getting overwhelmed with everything that lies ahead. 


Preparing for the week ahead on Sunday has been the BEST thing I’ve done for my personal self-care. Knowing what waits for me in the week ahead allows me to be prepared, and better handle last minute changes or emergencies. 


Enjoy your Sunday. Enjoy the whole weekend. But make time to prepare. 


Here are 5 things you can do on Sunday to have a better Monday! 


First thing, organize your to-do list. This should be only things that YOU need to do, not things that other people need to do. Write things down using the A.B.C. model. 

A - the things you HAVE to do this week

B - the things you SHOULD do, but there won’t really be any consequences if you put them off

C - the things you’d like to do, but they can wait. 




Second, if possible, do your grocery shopping for the week! Most people aren’t out at the stores in the morning and there are so many deals in most stores every Sunday. Get it done for the week, and make sure you have a good plan of the food for the week coming up. 


Third, meal prep. Get some tupperware (you can get about 80 pieces for $10 at Walmart). Put some food that doesn’t go bad when kept like that throughout the week. Put some fruit and veggies in there for a quick to-go snack during the week. My favorite snack to prepare? Prosciutto mozzarella sticks!


Fourth favorite Sunday activity; plan your outfits for the week! Check the weather, pick your favorite outfits, and hang them up where you can easily grab them in the mornings. 


Lastly, clean up your space! I typically do an entire deep clean of the house on Sunday evenings. This allows me to reorganize, get into a cleaner and more focused mindset and not have to worry about laundry first thing Monday morning. 


Make a whole home cooked meal on Sunday evening. This is most likely the last time you’ll be all together and at peace during the busy school or work week, so enjoy it. Don’t point it by worrying about tomorrow. Afterall, you’re now prepared for the next 5 days!


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