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Published on 25 October 2021 at 09:00

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“How do I think more positively?” 

Let’s talk about what “mindset” means. By definition it's the established set of attitudes held by someone. The most common example is “growth versus fixed”. If you have a growth mindset you believe that traits can be changed by working on them. If you have a fixed mindset, you are more either/or, you might see minor mistakes as huge failures instead of an opportunity for learning. 


So, we’re gonna look at 10 ways you can shift your mindset to a more positive one. 


First, you have to accept that your thinking and your ideas about yourself and your world need to change. You have to admit that it’s you, it’s always been you. That sounds mean but how often do we make a mistake, step back and evaluate ourselves and say “this is what I should do differently” and then do it again? Hardly ever, and that’s what sets so many of us apart, the go-getters and the settlers. 


Number one, find your purpose. I know, this is like the age old question “what’s the meaning of life”. But take a day or two and really think about what you want to accomplish on your time here on earth. Your purpose can change as you change and evolve, so don’t worry if you find yourself not feeling it in a few months or a year. Take some time and think about what your passions are now, how they changed from what you thought they were. 


Number two: love yourself first. So cliche but this is a must. Like they say, if you don’t love yourself nobody else can. Some ways you can start loving yourself, dedicate one whole day to yourself to do whatever you want. Listen to your body, we talked about this in a previous episode. Learn how to say no to what doesn’t serve you. This is HUGE and has made such a difference in my life. I will be doing an episode just on that in the future. 


Number 3: Start a new hobby! Using myself as an example as I do, I recently started making mini houses, like doll houses. .I don’t know why this makes me so happy but it does. And this is from someone who literally has never been able to assemble a gingerbread house dead ass. Mastering a new hobby is going to bring you so much joy, and you’ll want to keep doing it, bringing you more positive experiences. 


Number 4: Manage your Expectations. Don’t demand too much of yourself, you’re gonna burn out quickly if you do that. Be realistic with what you can accomplish right now, so you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. 


Number 5: Identify your ANT’s. What I mean by that is your automatic negative thoughts. We all have these and they happen based on past experiences. Identify what these are, be truthful with yourself. Do you often doubt yourself? Do you have an all or nothing type of mentality? That little voice in your head is just that, past experiences coming back to remind you of the false narrative that you aren’t good enough. Pay attention to that voice for a couple days, notice when it happens. Acknowledge the thought, argue reasons AGAINST that negative thought and do this every single time it pops up in your mind. 


Number 6: Understand that motivation is not all you need. Let’s look at an example. You are on a new diet. But someone brought in some donuts for the office. You recognize your diet and don’t take the donuts...but now you’ve used some of that motivation and energy on this task. You want to go to the gym after work, but you run into some traffic because there’s an accident on the road. You already used your motivational willpower earlier in the day when you ignored those donuts, and now you’re just feeling tired, you want to just get home because you wanted to be at the gym by 7 and now it’s almost 8pm and you can’t tap into your extra boost to make it to the gym late. This right here is why so many people quit on themselves within the first 10 days of starting a new habit. Recognize this, stop punishing yourself for failing a little bit, and try again tomorrow. 


Number 7: Change who you are around. I’m not saying “cut off everybody” but...if they aren’t good for you then they just aren’t good for you. I’ve had friends that I had to step away from because they either expected too much or they were just too focused on all the bad things happening around them and making it like...personal. We know those people right? Nothing wrong with them, they just need to shift their mindset. But, it is easier to adopt a new mindset when you see it in action and working for other people. Learn about these people that reflect what you want to be like, and start partaking in their daily habits to match them. 


Number 8: Don’t worry about being happy. If you spend your entire life chasing happiness, you’ll always wonder if you’re truly happy. Instead, chase your passion, remember we talked about that earlier. When you’re living a life full of satisfaction from engaging in what you’re truly passionate about, happiness comes naturally. 


Number 9: Focus on the good. Think about what you have, and how far you’ve come already. Be thankful for life, because even if it’s tough right now you are still given the opportunity of a new day, and a new chance to start over and start living in a way that reflects what you want to achieve in your life. No matter what anyone might say, or who might doubt you, you are capable of being great. 


Lastly, Number 10. Practice Positive Self-Talk. This takes everything we talked about into consideration. Tell yourself how great you are every single day. When you catch yourself slipping, remind yourself that you are powerful and I genuinely mean that. We all have different passions and interests, there’s no reason you can’t be great in your chosen field. 


Until next time, stay happy and stay healthy. 

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