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Published on 22 November 2021 at 09:00

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Today we are talking about how to find inspiration in your everyday life. Sometimes, it seems like we just sail through. We wake up, drink coffee, drive to work, clock in, sit there, leave, eat dinner in front of the TV, and go to bed and do it again. We do this over and over and over again and by the time we realize what we missed out on, it’s too late. It’s past.


What is inspiration? It’s defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. 


We could all use some of that, no matter what we do. For me, personally, I create content for the internet. For some facet of the internet. If I fall into some regular pattern, I don’t have motivation or inspiration. I have to take a day, unplug, and just go out or watch something inspirational or invest in myself. Then boom inspiration. I actually had and currently have like 4 different products and services to review for my youtube channel and I’m like….ugh. So, honestly it’s September and I’m sitting here writing these so that they are done. If I waited until the last minute or even close to the time that these blog posts go up, I would have no inspiration. I’m actually very grateful to my coach who brought up the concept of batching all of my content. 


But, not everybody wants to be a content creator. And that’s fine. You still need inspiration. Inspired to get a promotion, inspired to spend time with your family and make it meaningful. 


How are we gonna get it? I’m gonna give you 12 ways you can find inspiration in your daily life. 


  1. Savor every single moment. We have 5 senses, at least that we know of. Most of us drink coffee at some point in our day. When was the last time you really tasted it? When was the last time you really smelled it and enjoyed it? Or do you just groggily wake up a few minutes later than you should, throw your coffee on, mix whatever you put in there and chug it down so you’re not late to work or getting the kids on the bus? It's especially supposed to cool down here soon. Feel your coffee cup. It’s so warm and inviting and nice.
  2. This one isn’t a fan favorite but I woke up earlier. Not early. Earlier. I know this sounds hard. I started doing this again just a couple weeks ago, except on the weekends. It’s easier for me because my boyfriend works nights and gets home around 7:30 so I’ll wake up then. There are days where it’s like 5pm and I’ve already hit my Apple Fitness goals for the day which if you participate you know that’s intense. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier, then an hour. Figure out what you like to do before the rush of the day starts and do it every single day. You won’t wake up and immediately be focused on kids, work, traffic, whatever. You’ll have time for you. And you might change up what you do as time goes on. 
  3. Take a BREAK. We’ve talked before about how my sector got laid off after my maternity leave last year, and since then I’ve pretty much been my own boss. I have my business partner that keeps me accountable and I do the same for her but we are partners, we don’t answer to anybody except ourselves. So, if you’re like us, schedule your breaks. Make them fun, even if it’s just going on a date with yourself. Come back to your tasks when you’re ready to but not more than like an hour. If it’s at work, take your fucking break. I’m gonna be aggressive about that because I was someone who never did. I would use my break to do more work. Don’t.
  4. Be grateful. And tell yourself what you have to be grateful for. 
  5. Embrace your inner child. Go back to learning. Try out a new hobby. Try to learn a new skill. Think of how much fun your mind had when you were a kid. When you are learning new words and using them all the time. Shit, color if you want to. 
  6. Make a vision board. This is what you want for your life. Cut out photos from magazines or whatever you find that reflects what you want. Put it somewhere you see every single day. 
  7. Write things down. Write down your ideas as they come. Even if these ideas have nothing to do with what your actual job or career is. Do you have a great idea for an event? Write it down. 
  8. Watch a TED Talk. Any inspiring one will do. 
  9. Ask someone else what they learned throughout their life. Maybe their answer will inspire you. 
  10. Make some time for yourself and use it. Say no to things that you want to say no to, and that you can say no to. Take the day to get to know yourself. 
  11. Meditate. Meditate every single day. Meditation for me at least isn’t just not thinking. It’s tuning in to the thoughts you are having. Maybe you have something going on in there that you haven’t really listened to because you have so many other thoughts going on every single day. 
  12. And lastly, get back into nature. I personally believe that we are all natural beings and we belong to nature, don’t even come at me on any type of thing. It’s scientifically proven that going outside in a clean area doesn't get glass in your feet, allowing you to absorb nature. Do it a few minutes a day, no phone, just you and nature. 


There are thousands of ways you can find inspiration. What are some things that you do or will start doing now? Let us know in the comments below!

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