Published on 7 March 2022 at 08:00

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Procrastination is public enemy #1. While “procrastination” isn’t always a bad thing, you’re not here to read about the benefits of something you struggle with. We’ll save that for another day. You want solutions, so that’s what we will give you today.


Procrastination happens for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it’s because we simply don’t want to do something, other times it might be because we don’t believe we CAN do something. It can often be hard to know that we’re procrastinating until the day something is due, and then we get that anxious feeling. 


With that in mind, we first have to train our minds to recognize when we’re procrastinating. Do you often find that you don’t plan your days in advance, instead choosing to sit for hours unhappily completing your tasks at random? Do you find yourself putting things off until “later” but not actually defining what “later” means? Or, do you perform a bunch of small tasks that don’t take much mental or physical energy (nothing wrong with that, but if you’re trying to stop procrastinating there is!)?


Start to recognize when you do those things. This part will take time to start doing successfully, but that’s okay! Once you’re able to recognize these warning signs, pause and ask yourself “why am I saving this for later”? “Is this task going to mean anything at the end of the day?”


Start learning to ask yourself the hard questions. Write them down in the places that you commonly procrastinate. “Am I doing everything I want to get done today?” “Do I even need to do this right now or at all?” “Why don’t I enjoy this task and what can I do to make it as fun as it can be?”


When do you find yourself procrastinating the most? What are you going to do today to stop procrastinating (when you HAVE to stop, because remember it’s not always bad!)


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Rosanne Chesbro
a month ago

For some, there is a connection between Procrastination & Perfectionism. "If I can't do it perfectly, I'm not going to do it..." Then, it is the long wait for assembling the perfect ingredients, or acquiring the skillset that will never be practiced... I try to remind myself that the first time I attempt something, the quality may not be where I expect it to be, but the intention is there. The next time will be improved. I can enjoy accomplishing without it being perfect.