Make Your Own Luck

Published on 14 March 2022 at 08:00

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Let’s talk about making your own luck. It’s no secret that there are a ton of successful people who just got “lucky”. We aren’t denying that. We won’t be talking about “manifesting” winning the lottery in this post. Instead, we’re focusing on the mindset of luck. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that you can NEVER have a negative thought. This is about putting yourself in the mindset to achieve your goals with the actions that you take. 


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How to “create your own luck”:

  1. Have an open and clear mind. When we are worried about things that haven’t even happened yet, we often miss the best opportunities. We might not seek them out simply because our own anxieties have made us blind to their existence. Approach the day with an open mind, and see what opportunities were “luckily” laying right in front of you. 
  2. Do something different. Throw your “daily schedule” off just a little bit and try a new coffee shop. When we develop routines, we often move through the motions instead of actively observing what’s going on around us. You might be surprised at how many “lucky” opportunities wait for you just outside your everyday routine.
  3. Be negative. Be positive, too. Allowing ourselves to feel the negative is an important part in our lives. We can sometimes see things differently when we look at it through both a positive and a negative lens. Remember, you can look at the negative without being stuck in the negative. If you need some help getting out of that mindset, reach out to a friend or go on a nice nature walk.


Understand that you NEED to evaluate your own personal situation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are at the disadvantage of achieving the same things as someone else at no fault of their own. Don’t compare your story to someone else’s, because your situation is unique and needs to be approached uniquely to you. 


What’s something you’ll try today to “make your own luck”?

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Rosanne Chesbro
a month ago

I used to discuss this with students in their first weeks of College. I called it "Creating Serendipity". It is a great tactic to avoid constant passive (victim) mentality.