Handling Rejection

Published on 21 March 2022 at 08:00

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Rejection sucks. This is something we all face, whether it’s in our personal, professional, or romantic lives. Often we feel defeated, our self-worth deflated or our motivation to ever try something again shattered. Let’s talk through it. 


Recognize that rejection is part of life. It has nothing to do with your worth as a person or your value as an employee or partner. So, why does it hurt as much as it does? It all comes down to we are human. At the end of the day, even though we have all these complex thoughts and emotions, we are still mammals. We need to be part of a group just on an evolutionary level, so when we get “kicked from the group” we feel alone and vulnerable. Those feelings are OKAY. Don’t ever let anyone guilt you out of feeling your emotions. 


Whether it’s a break up, a job loss, or a friendship ending, take some time after the rejection to give yourself the attention you deserve. Watch all your favorite shows. Buy all the ingredients for your favorite meal and just stay in and cook. Give yourself time to grieve, no matter how “big” or “small” you feel the situation is.


When we’re hurt, we tend to maximize or minimize what’s happening. Sit down with your thoughts for 20 minutes and just write. Every single feeling and thought, write it down. Then, break down your list and really look at and understand everything you wrote. Save it for another day when you aren’t going to be impacted by those fresh feelings of hurt and anger.


Remind yourself that you are worthy. This is just a small setback. 


Get back up and get back out there. Yes, take time to process and feel your emotions. After that, and even during this process, start planning your next moves. Make sure you assess your new plan deeply to make sure these are constructive actions, and not ones rooted only in revenge or anger. 


When have you been rejected in life? What did you do to move through it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Rosanne Chesbro
a month ago

Fear of rejection, avoiding rejection, and people pleasing has shaped my life's path. This is still one of the toughest emotions for me to tackle. Please do a "part 2" of this topic sometime... PS Crystal; I am very proud of you. I am glad to witness you stepping into a wonderful purpose for yourself.

a month ago

I'll definitely expand on this topic & do a part two! Your comment made my morning, as you've always been such an inspiration to me. I appreciate you for all the ways you've helped me become who I am today.