Published on 28 February 2022 at 09:00

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Focus: the center of interest or activity

It is caused to converge on a perceived point. 


We as humans get so caught up in the day to day things that become routine in our lives.

Get up in the morning, get yourself ready for the day, use the same routine at home, brush your teeth, wash your face, shower, get dressed…  you're ready to go to work, taking the same route, passing the same buildings & trees, seeing the same faces in the same local coffee shop you stop by before work. You clock in, do the same work that you do every other day. & when you are ready to clock out, it's the same route home, seeing the same faces, but different from the ones you see in the mornings. 

What do you do when you are home, & you have the power to change the entire routine?

Rather than living in that routine, almost robotic, challenge yourself to live beyond that. Live inside the moment. 


Sit down for a moment, when you have quiet & peace, & really evaluate the current state of your life. Be humble & honest with yourself, after all, you can’t help yourself by staying in denial. 

What areas of your life can you take advantage of connecting with something beyond what we are in the mundane? What could you do to bring more meaning into your life? 

Are you genuinely conversing with the people you come into contact with everyday, or are they just faces you become familiar with but look over? 

Do you pay attention to the buildings that are in your route every morning? Maybe there is a new local small business that just opened up in one of the suites that caught your eye, stop in on your way home. 

Connect with what is around you, focus on the things that you normally wouldn’t. Pay attention. It's within those things that you'll find a deeper meaning. It's within those things that you’ll find new found interests that you have, or new hobbies.

Once you've identified your distractions, & you're able to limit & see beyond them, it’ll be easier for you to realize what areas of your life need more attention. 

Allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to become wholeheartedly familiar with the life you live, & actually live it. Sit with yourself, know yourself. Know the things you want, & the things you don't want. Stop for a minute in the middle of your routine life, & take in everything around you to feel what it is to be connected, & to be a part of it. 

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