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Published on 11 April 2022 at 09:00

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Let’s talk strengths. I know, probably the most hated topic depending on how you look at it. Employers always ask “what do you think your strengths are?” and we answer with what we THINK they want to hear, get the job, and then never think about it again. We’re going to talk about some personal strengths, what “weakness” even means, why our strengths even matter in the grand scheme of life, and as a bonus you get a free powerful strengths questionnaire to download and print for your own use. 


In the early 2000’s, a large group of scientists came together with Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman and compiled a list of 24 character strengths. If you’re interested in this positive psychology outlook, you can purchase their book HERE. (this is an unsponsored link). We will put them below so you can get a good look before we go on. 

  • Wisdom
      1. Creativity
      2. Curiosity
      3. Love of learning
      4. Open-mindedness
      5. Perspective
  • Courage
      1. Authenticity
      2. Bravery
      3. Persistence
      4. Zest
  • Justice
      1. Fairness
      2. Leadership
      3. Teamwork
  • Temperance
      1. Forgiveness
      2. Modesty/Humility
      3. Prudence
      4. Self-regulation
  • Transcendence
    1. Appreciation of beauty and excellence
    2. Gratitude
    3. Hope
    4. Humor
    5. Religiousness/Spirituality

Here’s the issue. We are told, through either media or just in our personal lives, that we need to be ALL of these at ALL times. But, we’re all unique and we all have different strengths. In fact, our weaknesses are just as important as our strengths. Peterson and Seligman believe that we all have those 24 character strengths, but for each of us they are filled to a different capacity. You can be “weaker” in some spots and stronger in some that others aren’t. That’s what makes you unique, and we should all appreciate that. It’s important to not only know your strengths, but know when to use them as well. Sometimes, it might not be worth it to be persistent on a particular topic or in a situation. Instead, in instances like that, leaning into our open-mindedness would be more beneficial. 


Talking about our strengths has the unfortunate side effect of making us think badly about ourselves. As you go through these 25 questions, remember that BOTH your strengths and weaknesses are valid and necessary. 


If you’d like a free copy of our strengths worksheet, CLICK HERE. But, if you want to take it a step further, take this 300-Question Personality Test! (Takes about 30 minutes).

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