What Does Fulfillment Mean To You?

Published on 2 May 2022 at 09:00

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Fulfillment is simply living a life that reflects our values. When we go after the things that not only matter to us, but also motivate us, we are seeking fulfillment. There are so many different areas of life that we can live value based, but since our goal is to provide a quick read for you, we will just speak in general terms. 


A lot of people might say that helping others is fulfilling, but that’s not always true. What is valuable for one person isn’t always valuable to another. Your first step in finding fulfillment would be figuring out your values. That’s a story for another day, but if you’re interested in our five step personal value identification workbook, you can find that in our shop June 1st! 


Fulfillment is not the same as happiness, instead it’s more a feeling of being alive. It’s a feeling that most things you’re doing matter in the bigger picture of your life, rather than doing something only because it immediately benefits you. Going to work just for a paycheck, for example, might not be completely fulfilling. However, if you value giving and contribution, maybe getting that paycheck allows you to buy something special for someone, and that is fulfilling to you. 


All of the topics we talk about are generalized, so we want to hear from you! Comment below what fulfillment means to you, or what your life would look like if you were completely driven by your values and not just your responsibilities. 


Until next time! 


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