Meet Our Coaches

First, I want to say that, if you've made it this far, I am proud of you! Looking for guidance, seeking help, it IS the hardest part. The fact that you came across this page, it means you're ready to make necessary changes.

I want to introduce myself as a dedicated mother, friend, & mentor. Just as equally to that, I am healing myself everyday that I put my feet on the floor. I do not have all the answers, but I will be ready & willing to help us find what I can not offer.

Through tragedy, hardships, & deplorable times, I have fallen. I have doubted myself, I was convinced there was no way for me to get up, let alone keep living. Something within me knew, though, that there was something more than this life that I was living.

My soul craved more.

Almost in complete surrender, I have been able to develop the techniques, rituals, & thought processes that it takes to over come the negativity that runs havoc in your mind, that prevents you from growing. There will be a day that you wake up, realize you can't live this way anymore.

You deserve to be reassured that you are supported.

You can succeed. 

You deserve to succeed.

You will succeed.


I will not attempt to deceive you by insinuating that I have it all together.

I learn something new about myself & my mission everyday. We are all growing together.

I am a devoted friend & mother as well, & within the last year, I've been tested. I found my purpose, & my fulfillment all in the same of living instead of being alive, & helping people see that they, too, can do the same.

Just as everyone else globally, Covid-19 had an extreme impact on my life. Months later, I had a very significant personal loss, & quite frankly, it left me to question everything. I had given up on my mission.

I felt that the universe was not on my side, my inner voice was reckless, & I walked everyday with a persona that I truly didn't know. 

We've all experienced something that has changed our lives. Even your entire being. We've lost, we've gained.

What is important for us all to realize, is that it does not matter WHAT has happened to us, but what we do with the wisdom or pain from it. 

You are worthy of guidance.

You are worthy of reassurance.

You are worthy of success.